10 March 2009

Perth Capri Cruise #3 - Sunday, 29th March 2009

Well folks, the third Perth Capri Cruise is now in the books, all in all a great success. The turn out this time was a little down on the last time although we still had 16 cars in total including 4 Cortinas and a Corsair.

The day started at 10am and thankfully the weather turned out to be a lot milder than what was first forecast. We gathered at the meeting point and basically chatted and looked over the cars for an hour. 11 o clock came round and it was time to hit the open road.....all except for Tracy, who's car had problems with its imobiliser, this turned out to be the only gremlin of the day for the Capri's - although showing good form, she got the car running and met up with us an hour later - nice to see some good commitment :-)

Grant led the way this time and the convoy of retro classics was on the move. We drove up through the hills and through the Araluen estate, the roads there were tight and winding and were just what the doctor ordered. After losing our way once (does anyone read my maps ? ) and losing a couple of cars here and there, we finally arrived at the Jarrahdale pub and chowed down on the fine pub grub. It was a bit dissapointing that some folk didnt get there food for almost 2 hours, but sometimes these things happen and the cruise had to continue.

So unfortunately some parties were left behind and couldnt join us on the second part of the cruise - but we were still 9 strong with Capri's. So off we went from the pub and continued along the winding back roads and rolling hills, our second stop, the Churchman Brook reserve, went by extremely fast - infact so fast i can bearly remember it ! thats right, we had another glitch in our navigating and totally shot past it - i think most people saw it, but because the cruise just continued no one seemed to slow down or stop - a bit of a shame, but maybe we can go back there some other time.

It was great to see some new faces and cars there this time - if only we could get everyone there on the same day, we would be thirty strong at this stage !! Our next suggestion for a get together is at the All Ford day car show later on this year - I suggest we register as the Perth Capri club for this event and display all our cars together - we will post e-mails as the event draws nearer. In the meantime if anyone wants to volunteer to organise the route for the next cruise that would be great, as usual we dont mind making the maps as required. Check out the photo's below of the latest cruise.

regards Paul and Volker

Meeting point in the morning

on the road to Jarrahdale !

Jarrahdale tavern car park

Meeting Point for Perth Capri Cruise: Sunday, 29th March 2009

Hi all,

Well it’s been almost a year now since we all got together for the inaugural Perth Capri Cruise and time is growing nearer for the next cruise. The first cruise we had 12 Capris, the second we had 15, I think a nice round turn out of 20 or more would be great.
A special thanks goes out to Grant who took the time to organise the route for this cruise, it’s a slightly longer one (approx 120km) but hey – every so often we really have to stretch the legs of the old girls – just to keep them ticking over. The date for the cruise will be on Sunday, 29th March, making it exactly one year from the first cruise.

The general route this time will be from Maida Vale and heading off for some lunch at Jarrahdale, there is a nice cafĂ© at Jarrahdale which provides a great lunch menu – so no need to bring BBQ stuff this time. From there, there will be two options – take the easy route and come straight home via Albany Highway or take Grant’s super hilly, winding, twisting route home……I know which one I’ll be taking!

We also thought it would be a good idea to have a bit of a Capri boot sale as well. Why not put any small spares you may have lying around at home in the boot of your Capri – once we are all parked up at Maida Vale in the morning it might be a good opportunity for members to find that elusive part they have been seeking or even do a swap for a part you have – so if you have spares you want to part with, simply prop up your boot!!

Well that’s it from me for now, you have 3 weeks to dust the cobwebs off the Capri and get that old Essex lump running like a fine Swiss watch again – if that seems like a distant dream why not get in contact with Kevin at the Capri Clinic and he can help you out one way or another http://www.capriclinic.com/.

If you are planning on coming can you please drop me a quick line just so I can try and keep track of numbers, and if you find you can’t make it to the cruise you could still consider coming to the meeting point in the morning for a quick chin wag and photo session.

Please pass this link to this webpage on to any Capri owners you know, MK1 to MK3 that is!


Paul and Volker

Perth Capri Cruise

Well Folks,

We’re only a few days away now from the 3rd Perth Capri Cruise and what better way to celebrate the 40th Birthday of this iconic car than a drive though the Aussie bush and to stop off at a British pub for a good feed. The Jarrahdale Tavern, which is approximately the half way point of our cruise has plenty of parking and offers a picturesque beer garden overlooking the Jarrah forest. The Pub grub on offer I’ve been told is second to none and should provide us with a good hour or so of food and drinks!!. Check out the link above.

Our second stop will be at the Churchman Brook Reserve this park has plenty of parking and hopefully plenty of shade. The car park is located right next to a large lake.

Don’t forget everyone, Sundays forecast is hot, so make sure you give your Capri a quick once over, check your water levels and pipes prior to the cruise, and also try not to forget any spare parts you may want to part with – we’ve had some positive feed back about this idea, so all we need now are the bits and pieces themselves. Even if the parts are slightly damaged it may just be what another member is looking for. We plan on having the Capri boot sale in the morning at the meeting point. Simply prop open your boot if you have any parts and people can browse at their leisure.

See you all there at 10am – and don’t forget day light savings is changing that day!

Paul and Volker