05 December 2009

Perth Capri Cruise #4 - Sunday, 13th December 2009

Hi Everyone,

Well the forcast was definitely right for once - 39 degree's !, and i think we felt every bit of it on the way to Moore River.

We all met up at Drovers market car park at 9am and soon after headed north up Wanneroo road. It was about an 80km drive to Moore River and took close to an hour - but even the harsh summer's day couldn't claim any of the Capri's, none fell victim to the heat and we all cruised there trouble free.

The drive consisted mostly of long stretches of straight road - much better suited to the V6 and V8 Capri's, there was some nice scenery to be seen and not too much traffic - all in all a very nice cruise ! The turn out - as expected was quite small with only 8 Capri's. It was our smallest turn out yet but was still good to see some dedicated Capri heads there - especially considering the very hot conditions the day brought.

As for Moore River, i think the destination was excellent - the facilities there were great, the beach was superb and the waves were big enough to body surf on - I think i can speak for everyone and say it was very enjoyable day out. Check out the photo's below

Stay tuned for our next cruise early next year - this route is being organised by Darryl, the destination is a classic Ford museum........

Paul and Volker

HI everyone,

Well as promised here are the maps for the meeting point for the next Capri cruise. Just to make sure everyone is clear here is the situation...

For those of you who live South of the river (or close enough to meeting point 1) we will be meeting at the car park on Manning road at 8am, we will wait there for 15 minutes then leave the car park at 8.15am in order to meet up with the other Capri folk at meeting point 2 (refer map) I estimate it will take us about 30 minuted to get from meeting point 1 to meeting point 2. That should give us plenty of time to get there by 9am.

Leaving meeting point 2 at approx 9.15 we will head north up Wanneroo road to Moore river. It should take us approximately 45 minutes to get there. I have been told by a friend who has a house there that we need to get to the main BBQ area by 10am in order to get A. Parking B. a shady spot and C. a BBQ. The BBQ area is set right on the banks of the river and is only a 10 minute walk to the beach.

All in all, I don’t know what to expect as I haven't been there before, but I have been assured it is a very nice spot - I would suggest people take there bathers as the water may be very inviting if it’s a hot day. Also don’t forget to pack yourself some food for the BBQ (meat/salad/bread/drinks) or whatever you fancy - there is a deli close by if you prefer to buy.

I know this one is a bit late notice and it’s a busy time of year - but we do only get together twice a year so hopefully we will have another big turn out. For those who think this is a bit of an early start well the intention of this cruise was to go earlier in the day and depart Moore River shortly after lunch, say approx 1pm – therefore getting back to Perth early in the afternoon. This was decided as we realise most people have a very busy agenda this close to Christmas.

Cheers everyone - hope to see plenty of Capri's on the day, and don’t forget to spread the word and post the maps on any forums you may be on.

Paul and Volker

01 December 2009

Simon's Mk3

Geoff's 1972 GT V6

Brendan 1970 GT 302

John and Teresa's MK1 GT V6

Vermillion Fire (orange)


Tracy's 1971 MK1 1600

Tracy's 1971 MK1 1600

Dale's Mk1 GT V6


MK1 Escort Mexico (baby Capri)

Bob's 1971 1600 XL

Neville's MK1 GT V6

Kevin's MK3 2.8 injection

Richard's 1971 MK1 GT V6

Craig's MK1 V6

(suffered engine bay fire)

Jenny's 1969 MK1 1600 GT

Earl and Sheryl's MK1 V6 GT Automatic

Grant's gas converted MK1 GT V6

Tony's MK1 1971 GT V6

Peter's MK3 3.1 V6

Graham's MK3

Paul's MK3 2.8 turbo technics

Daryl's 1971 302 powered Perana

Paul's 1970 MK1 GT

Peter's MK3 2.8 injection

Noel V6 GT Capri